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Windows Printer Driver 2
The Windows Printer Driver (WPD 2) is the second generation Windows driver that is available for select Océ printers.
October 2016
  Océ Windows Printer Driver R2.13 (EXE, 93.3MB)
  Océ Windows Printer Driver R2.13 Notes (TXT, 3KB)
December 2015
For use with Océ ColorWave 300/500/550/600/600PP/650/650PP/700, Océ WFPS PostScript Driver/Wide Format Printer Drivers, Océ PlotWave 300/340/345/350/360/365/450/500/550/750/900, Océ TCS300/500, Océ TDS320/450/700/750/800/860.
  Windows Printer Driver 2, v2.12.1 (EXE, 118.9MB)
  Windows Printer Driver Cleaning Tool 1.13 (EXE, 2.66MB)
  Windows Printer Driver 2, v2.11 (EXE, 106 MB)
Windows Printer Driver
The Windows Printer Driver (WPD) is a state-of-the-art Windows driver that offers fast processing and printing, small plotfiles, real-time status and much more.
September 2012
Adds support for AutoCAD 2013 software.
  Océ Windows Printer Driver R1.22 (EXE, 15.1MB)
  R1.22 Driver Notes (TXT, 3KB)
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