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Applications & Utilities
Océ Publisher Select R1.15.2 (EXE, 135MB)
May 2014
For Windows XP/2003/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win81 both 32/64-bit versions. Refer to Release Notes below for a list of supported printers.
Océ Publisher Select v1.15.2 Readme Notes (TXT, 3KB)
Océ Publisher Select v1.12 User Manual (PDF, 2.8MB)
Océ WPD Cleaning Tool v1.9 (ZIP, 1.4MB)
The Océ WPD Cleaning Tool is a standalone utility that cleans your workstation from leftovers of previous Océ Windows Printer Driver installations. More information and instructions are contained in the ZIP file.
Color Profiles
Onyx Postershop Color Profiles (ZIP, 22.6MB)
This All-In-One download includes Onyx PosterShop color profiles for use with the Océ TCS500:
IJM005 Draft Paper
IJM020 Standard Paper 90 g/m2
IJM113 Premium Paper 90 g/m2
IJM138 Transparent Plus Paper 90 g/m2
IJM150 Smart Matt paper 170 g/m2
IJM222 Top Photo Plus Gloss 190gm2
IJM251 PhotoGloss Paper 170 g/m2
IJM311 Double Matt Film 95 micron
Patches & Updates
Important Update to the Océ TCS500 1.3 Accounting
The following patch is available for the Océ TCS500 at level 1.3. The update corrects accounting issues related to jobs not showing up in the .csv file, or put in the file for the wrong date. Please refer to the PDF patch instructions included in the ZIP file for more information.
Océ TCS500 Accounting Patch 1.3 (ZIP, 1.1MB)
Update for Change to Daylight Savings Time
The following patch is available for Océ Power Logic Controllers running the Windows XPe operating system. Please refer to the PDF instructions for more information and installation instructions.
Océ Power Logic Controller -XPe Operating System - DST Patch (ZIP, 2.5MB)
Océ Power Logic Controller - DST Patch Information (PDF, 100KB)
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