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Taking care of our environment

Together we can act eco-responsibly, taking into account local regulations.

For disposing of empty Océ toner bottles there are 2 options available:

1. Recycle locally

Local recycling of empty toner bottles

The best way to dispose of your empty Océ bottles is to recycle them locally.

One of the simplest things we can all do to improve our environment is to recycle waste whenever possible. Local Recycling saves natural resources and energy and reduces the need for landfills. Local recycling can also create more local jobs by manufacturing new products out of discarded materials. Take your used toner bottle to your local recycling center to not only help the environment but your local community as well!

There are a very large number of local recycling centers throughout the United States. Simply look in your local Yellow Pages or find a center near you by using your favorite web browser!

2. Disposal

If local recycling is not possible, another option can be to simply dispose of the empty toner bottles.

Why disposal can be a sustainable solution

Disposal with regular plastic waste is in many cases more sustainable than you might think. While reuse and recycling are often regarded as the most sustainable solutions, you should take into account that this often requires cleaning. Cleaning requires energy and cleaning agents, too...sometimes even solvents. Transport is also a factor to take into account, especially if the central processing point is far away, as transport consumes fuel and energy. Nowadays, waste is often treated as a source of new products rather than a useless end-product. In an increasing number of countries, dumping waste into landfills is no longer the preferred method. In these countries when you dispose of empty Océ toner bottles they are recycled, in accordance with the local regulation.

The table below shows the impact and overall benefit on the environment. (1 image = poor; 2 images = good; 3 images = excellent)

Waste Environmentally
Recycle locally

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