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Sustainability and eco-friendly technology is a growing concern of professionals around the world. Businesses are looking to reduce energy consumption because of the negative environmental impact and to lower energy costs. Environmental sustainability is centered on the notion that today's generation has a responsibility to the future generation to reduce our carbon footprint. Sustainable businesses balance the interest of the people and the planet by striving to find better ways to protect and preserve resources. When purchasing a wide format scanner, looking at the eco-friendliness of the equipment is important. Sustainability has been introduced to many corporate mission statements, purchasing a new wide format scanner that with sustainability in mind is one way you can make your business more eco-friendly. Canon Solutions America is here to help your business become dedicated to sustainability.

Canon Solutions America keeps sustainability in mind throughout the production, use and end of a wide format scanner's life. We take certain measures to ensure that our wide format scanners are as eco-friendly as possible to practice our commitment to the environment. When Océ brand large format scanners are being built, there are procedures put in place to minimize energy consumption, emissions and waste. When it is time to package the scanners, we have programs in place to reduce packaging and uses recycled materials in the packages.

Wide Format Scanners

Océ brand wide format scanners are built with instant on technology which is an environmentally friendly method that allows the machine to turn on instantly. Instant turn-on times eliminate the unnecessary energy that is used to warm-up and turn the machine on. Océ brand wide format scanners are also ENERGY STAR® certified, which limits the amount of power needed in stand-by, ready and sleep modes.

Our remanufacturing process gives scanner parts a second life by recycling them, which eliminates landfill waste. Many companies send used machines to landfills, but companies dedicated to sustainability, like Canon Solutions America, create products with parts that can be reused. Recycling parts reduces the consumption and waste of materials that come with manufacturing new parts. Since recycling is a part of our routine practice, there are special collection facilities for transporting and processing products that can't be used anymore so they are disposed of properly at the end of their lives.

Reducing waste and energy is vital in order to protect our environment. When looking for a vendor for any machine it is important to know if they are committed to sustainability. Knowing about remanufacturing policies and energy reducing technologies is necessary when buying a wide format scanner. In addition the scanner should be ENERGY STAR® certified as well as ISO 14001 and RoHS certified. These certifications will not only save your business money, but they will also benefit the environment. Canon Solutions America has the resources to turn your business into a sustainable scanning operation. You can learn more by downloading the Wide Format Scanner Buyer's Guide or by contacting our experienced team of experts today.

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