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Buying a Wide Format Scanner - Key User Requirements

When you're looking to buy a wide format scanner, there are many factors to take into consideration. The usability and functionality of the wide format scanner is especially important. From how and where you're going to use the new large format scanner to productivity needs and speed requirements, there are many features to take into account. At Canon Solutions America, we are committed to helping our customers understand our wide format scanning technology, enabling them to make the best choice possible when buying a new scanner. Here, we've outlined some of the key user requirements that should be factored in to your purchase decision.

Scanner Usability
New wide format scanners can intimidate even experienced professionals. There are a number of features that will allow you to cut down on the time it takes you to learn and transition to a new scanner. Understanding these features and the potential they present in making you more productive and efficient is important when shopping for a large format scanner. Key types of features to consider are:

Wide Format Scanners

  • Scan templates are pre-programmable settings that allow the user to select the scan mode as well as the document type and dpi setting. Scan Templates are a great feature, making it easier for users to select the right settings the first time, without having to waste time learning the finer details of a new large format scanner's technology and functionality.

  • Productivity is often measured by the volume of documents processed by a large format scanner. The more documents you can scan in a shorter period of time, the more productive your business can be. Select an output tray based on your business' productivity needs.

  • Auto/Stream Feeding is a great feature on some wide format scanners that assists in automating the batch scanning process. Once the first scan starts, users can continue to feed originals without the scanner pausing, saving professionals valuable time. While this feature is more commonly found on production speed scanners, it can also benefit professionals working with batch scanning technology as well.

  • Scan Speeds
    A wide format scanner's speed can cause or prevent a large workflow bottleneck, directly affecting your productivity and efficiency. This is also a feature to consider when purchasing a new large format scanner because the larger your scan volumes, the faster your new wide format scanner should be.

  • Color Output
    When purchasing your new wide format scanner, take into consideration the color output functionality you use most often. Will you be producing wide format scans/copies in color, Black/White or both? Look at the original documents you use to help determine this wide format scanning requirement.

  • Scan Destinations and File Types
    Whatever your industry or professional specialties, the more flexibility your new wide format scanner is in terms of scan destinations and file types, the better the investment. A flexible scanner will support at least these scan destinations and file types:

    • Scan Destinations:
      • Scan to file
      • Scan to print

    • File types
      • PDF
      • PDFA
      • TIFF
      • CALS

These are all important factors to consider, but they are not the only features to take into account. Scanner and document size, matrix copying and other issues need to be considered. Understanding your business, productivity demands and professional goals are vital to determining what scanning equipment is right for you. For even more detailed information regarding these key user requirements and additional factors to consider, please Download the Wide Format Scanner Buyer's Guide today.

Download the Free Océ Wide Format Scanners Buyers Guide

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