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Data Remanence and Security Breaches - Protect your Confidential Data

Deleting your data files from digital devices may seem like the best way to protect your company from security breaches, but that simple act may not be enough. Virtually all digital devices utilize built in data storage. From cell phones and cameras to computers, and even Océ brand wide format printers, copiers and scanners, disk drives and data storage are an integral part of today's technology. While this technology was created as a temporary storage solution, your confidential data can remain on these devices for much longer, creating potential security problems. Simply hitting delete doesn't protect your confidential security.

Even after attempting to erase your data files from these devices, a residual representation of that information can remain on your digital devices. Your wide format print, copy and scan jobs may still be accessible even after you've chosen to delete that digital information. When data storage drives are available in or released to an uncontrolled environment, data remanence can leave you susceptible to security breaches and leaked information. File recovery tools may also be able to retrieve the information you attempted to remove. In today's advanced technological environment, simply deleting a file from a digital device may not guarantee data security.

e-shredding Technology on Océ Brand Wide Format Print / Scan / Copy Solutions

Data Remanence and Security Breaches

Electronic data shredding technology offers businesses in all industries the means to protect confidential data on digital devices. To meet the increasing need for stronger document security, many wide format systems have electric data shredding (also known as e-shredding or data image overwrite) capabilities built in. Through preventing the recovery of documents that were printed, scanned, and copied with large format solutions, electronic data shedding is able to better protect confidential data. Compliant with US Department of Defense requirements, many electronic data shredding technology solutions get to work immediately after a wide format print job is processed to ensure timely data security.

Implementing e-shredding in your workflow is an easy way to defend against data remanence and protect your confidential data. Don't wait until it is too late and you security has been compromised. Learn more about your company's digital security and look to electronic data shredding as your defense against security breaches.

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