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Construction document printing is vital to architects, project managers, engineers, construction foremen, estimators, safety crews and more. With so much riding on construction documents, it just makes sense to use wide format color printing. Errors are costly when it comes to construction document printing, and can be minimized with easier to read, more accurate options for printing color construction documents. Canon Solutions America knows document printing systems and is trusted by the construction industry for producing wide format printers and software that help architectural, engineering, GIS and construction customers achieve a competitive edge.

Printing Color Construction Documents

A Perspective on Color Print Pricing

A Simple Way to Reduce Construction Costs

BIM, IPD & Color Printing: Harmonic Convergence

Capturing Color As-Built Data

Checklist for Using Color in Design

Color Resources on the Web

Construction Document Coordination

Defining Pen Settings for Color Plotting

Each Incremental Dollar Invested in Color Printing Can Yield $4 in Project Savings!

Generating Construction Documents from 3D Models

Increasing Accuracy Through Color

Learn How to Reduce Construction Waste

Line Drawings are an Endangered Species

Paperless Construction is a Distant Reality

Push-Button Color

Quantifying the Benefits of Color

Quantifying the Costs of Construction Waste

Statistics on the Benefits of Color

The Consequences of Failure in the Construction Industry

The Cost of Errors and Omissions within Construction Documents

The Negative Perception of Inkjet Color

Three Steps to Color Enlightenment

Using Scanned Mark-Ups in Color

Learn How Color Can Reduce Construction Costs

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